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Livio Sandro, Bodo Felusch Daniela

Released 08 August 2012

The first collaboration between Livio Sandro and Bodo Felusch ended in this masterpiece of emotional dance music named Daniela, a perfect 13min track without beeing boring for a second. A solid groove and bassline fulfilled by a piano hook and guitar. The track stands for its own and therefor it is not bundled with remixes or edits. Love it or leave it …its up to you …for us it´s one of our best releases ever!

Supported by

Ivelgo | Ecuador

” Nice track! …will play at 16Bit.fm, DeepSounds FM, frisky Radio”

Ian Barras | Netherlands

” nice track for in my set”

Olivier Malone| France, Portugal

“5 stars track!”

Ben Manson | France

” Love it!!! 100% Deep Dish Global Underground Style “

Leach | Belgium

” Huge!!! 9… would have been 10 if the vocal would come more often in the track”

Sébastien Reyes | France

” Perfect Deep Sound!”

Josh Abrams | USA

“13 min? Not enough going on to warrant that much time, but hey it works. Thanks for sending”

Ricardo Osoloco | France

” Hey great Job! J’adore le coté melancolique et la voix qui arrive à point nommé !

Josh Kirkby | Australia

” New party in Sydney – Bears Underwear Party called – BULGE !! I will be playing this”

Hernan Serrao | Argentina

” full support!!!”

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