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Marc Feind, Bodo Felusch – Chrome

Released 31 January 2013

Summer 2005

Marc Feind and Bodo Felusch were locked in a studio for the day to produce a progressive track for Marc’s Israel tour the following Winter. Eight hours later they had finished the basic track, and decided to quit the session for the day. They planned to fine tune the details later on the week with fresh ears. (This track was later released under the name “Plexi” on the US label “L8-Nights”.)

Sitting with a chillout beer later that same evening Marc and Bodo had a discussion about using the sounds of the track in a completely different way in order to create a more direct and dry sound. Inspired by this conversation there was only one way to finish the day …putting on the machine again to test some of the ideas. Barely two hours later the rough mix of a totally new track was done. It’s name was “Chrome” and it had nothing in common with the typical progressive sound of the time. It wouldn’t fit into any specific pigeonhole. So, what were they to do? Too good to delete, too rough to release, and no B side finished. Further sessions to create a similar sound from scratch just lead to the old progressive patterns that seemed to be set in stone. So Marc said “let’s try it with remixes, we have the elements and some other guys will go on in a complete different way than us” But unfortunately no remix was submitted that Marc and Bodo felt was suitable to rock the house in it’s very own way. So the Original Rough Mix ended up on the shelf where way too much good work ends up …the shelf of neglect.

Summer 2010

While he was sleeping, a way too hot night in July, Marc Feind died as a consequence of hypoglycemia. Marc was diabetic and took his blood sugar levels very seriously. Tragically he fell into a hypoglyemic coma alone and while sleeping, thus sadly no one could help him. Marc Feind died at an age of 44 years old. Way too early …and with so much ahead of him.

Summer 2013

We lost Marc almost exactly three years ago. Chrome was still lying on the shelf, when Mike S. asked Bodo Felusch if he had an idea for a track for a remix contest in cooperation with the Vibra School of DJing.

“If Marc had one wish to fulfill, then it would be for Chrome to be released at long last!”

And so to it! The roughmix from 2005 and some remix files were all there was in existence. Those had been done in two hours. It is up to you to show some skills and to create a killer bomb track so Marc could feel the bass up there shakin’ his ass. Bodo Felusch has picked the best remixes to be released with the original roughmix on his label Unvirtual-Music on 31.01.2014. The day that Marc Feind would have become 48 he’ll be up there with the biggest smile on his face. All because Chrome, after nine years, will be jumping off the shelf of forgotten tunes.

In memoriam of Marc Feind we want this track to rock you eternally.

Supported by

Paduraru aka Dubacid | Romania

“Vibrant support for inspiring housemusic! Respect, Paduraru aka Dubacid”

Chris Voro | Greece

“Nice original mix… Dark and deep… Thanks for sending”

Pierre Ravan | UAE

“Downloading Now. Good Work Done.”

DJ Taucher | Germany

“Midelao Space Remix for me, will try!”

Andy Baar | Germany

“thank you, nice tracks”

Aaron Lee | USA

“Love it! …will play Livio Sandro Remix on Shockwave Sessions”

Pat Lezizmo | Belgium

“Bodo, the story behind this release is tragic but also hopeful. This is actually what music is all about!”

DJ Fiacxa | Italy

“Hypnotic Nikan Remix”

Tom Leclercq | Belgium

“Nice EP, will support”

The Mekanism | France

“good music, Original Rough MIx for me”

Fernando Campo | Spain

“Thanks for the music, well, I like the Livio Sandro Remix”

Nino Hengst | Germany

“the midelao space remix is the style i like, will play and support – thanx”

Makrostörung | Belgium

“A real potential in the rough mix, Livio Sandro made the best rmx (in my opinion). Will support”

Ale Castro | Argentina

“Livio Sandro Remix for me thanks, downloaded to try out”

Hernan Serrao | Argentina

“Midelao Space Remix, good stuff here”

Mike S. | Germany

“Favorites: Livio Sandro Remix, Nikan Remix
…Ich war quasi dabei.

Samotarev | Russian Federation

“nice sound. thanks will play Livio Sandro Remix on Snake Sessions (Proton) and Reflections (Insomniafm)”

MydriaticEyes | France

” gr8 work so gr8 rmx ! will play on frisky radio!”

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