Bodo Felusch – Formidable

Released 12 February 2016
Today “formidable”  is used as synonym for impressive or awesome, but once upon a time it had been used for awful or terrible …no more words to say, great name for a 1st class tune with perfect sound! Punchy drums and a driving bassilne is just the beginning. A trippy hook played by two slightly detuned Microbrutes start tacking over the attention in the main break. The B side track is named Rattle and comes a bit more dirty with unsynced tape delays and a real cello playing a short melody in the break. And for thouse who like cats …can you hear it?  Bodo Felusch again created a milestone in soundquality with his track Formidable, it is our first release available in 96kHz 24bit HD quality.


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