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Bodo Felusch – H.E.E.e.Y

Released 16 May 2012

Press play on tape and enjoy the finest Deep Tech-House sounds. The Original Mix is a peaktime bomb with a solid hook. The Dub Mix is deeper and based on a sidechained string that screws thru a more minimal arrangement.

Supported by

Livio Sandro | France

“Two mixs are very good. Catchy. Grovvy. Punchy.
But my fav’ is the original.
You’re right, PEAK TIME”

Hernan Serrao | Argentina

“thanks for this , full support”

Christan Paduraru | Romania

“Vibrant support for the inspiring house music! Respect, Paduraru aka Heathous”

Aural Frequency | Mexico

“very good sounds! …very nice!!!”

d-phrag | Bulgaria

“The dub is trippy, love it “

Sasha Le Monnier | UK

“nice peak time sounds here, thanks! Especially that rolling dub version!”

Orquesm | The Netherlands

“cool track, love the Dub mix

Tim Benjamin | Germany

“not bad”

Agrande | Germany

“like it!”

Athan | Greece


Peres | Poland

“Exelent track”

Deersky | Poland

“very nice! support”

Marc Pole | Germany

“soo deep ! great track”

Jaime Le’ Mier | Mexico/USA

“Yes, I love the track (original mix). I will play it in my live sets.
Great work on the production. Thanks, Jaime Le’ Mier”

Dirty Rhythm Syndicate | UK

“Really loving this beauty and for me, when i play this i will have to speed it up a little for my sets (i play around the 127-130bpm range) so i think this will sound awesome a little faster as it sounds great at the tempo it is already – thanks for sending”

Gare Mat K | Argentina/Brazil/Colombia

“dub mix here”

Santiago Garcia | Argentina

” ike it!”

Bee | France

“Sick tune. A definite winner
Dub remixes always get me! Love it”

Josh Abrams | USA

“Like these. Thanks!”

Cactus Twisters | Belgium

“Dub mix is nice, Support !”

Topo | Romania


Mert Onat | Turkey

“good work, nice one”

Ingo Vogelmann | Germany

“Great tune, thanks!”

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