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Livio Sandro – Oblique E.P.

Released 06 June 2012

Oblique E.P. is the Unvirtual-Music debut by the Paris based talent Livio Sandro. Drunk and Bordeux are crazy Tech House tracks. Styliane comes a bit straighter with a touch of percussive deep-house. Beat Me is a groovy House track with a touch of oldskool Acid House.

Supported by

Gare Mat K | World

“Interesting tracks. will check them out “

Markus Schulz | USA

“good one”

Taz Michail | USA


Topo | Romania

“Nice track”

Tali Freaks | Italy

“Nice package….support”

F-Act | Switzerland

“Sounds nice! will try. thanks”

Sasha Le Monnier | UK

“I might try Beat Me, Like the old skool touch to this”

d-phrag | Bulgaria

“nice one, really”

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