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Orquesm – Architect Of My Destruction

Released 27 October 2014

Press play on tape and feel this special Orquesm vibe that catches the crowd within two seconds. Architect Of My Destruction is a magic journey into yourself which starts with mooving feets and builds up to raving hands. You can´t talk or get a drink while this track is playing …you just want to listen and dance, PURE ENERGY! Propelled on the other side needs a Mix-In and builds up to a Tech-House bomb with a catchy stab sound and is free of all cheesy elements you would expect if not Orquesm was the artist. There a one million artists with awesome music out there, and then there is Orquesm, outstanding and unique …but you must find them!

Supported by

Pat Lezizmo | Belgium

“Propelled is real cool! gracias!”

Jack de Novo | Germany

“clear, straight and pumping sound, invites to start dance”

SammyRock | USA

“Awesome House Tech piece for made for the dance floor. Diggin it !!”

Ryan Sullivan | South Africa

“Excellent record. Supporting all the way.”

Marion Cobretti | Germany

“So rarely you find those tracks that transcend the gap between Tech House and Techno so beautifully. Orquesm did it again!”

Makrostörung | Belgium

“Nice melodies in Architect but I prefer the darker feeling of Propelled. Good EP.”

Miguel Antonio | USA

“Tracks are pretty good. Very different tracks from each other, and not sure if they a work on the same release for me. Production is very solid, and Architect is my favorite. I would definitely play both, but at very different instances.

Very good work, thanks for the promo!”

Chris Voro | Greece

“Both tracks are cool. I really like the deep techno feel of “Propelled” and the atmosphere of “Architect of my Destruction”. Nice release”

Lorenzo al Dino | Spain

“Propelled for me, well done!”

Ben Salem  | USA

“good work! I will drop Propelled in my show at http://www.innervisionsradio.co.uk

Steve Fryer | UK

“Nice mate, I´ll play it in my shows at rinse.fm and kiss.fm”

Hernan Serrao | Argentina

“good work here”

DJ Willi P | Switzerland

“Architect Of My Destruction: clear floating musik—  like”
“unique creative ideas –  well produced”

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