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Marion Cobretti – Flight Of The Nightingale

Released 2014-07-15

Marion Cobretti debuts on Unvirtual-Music with his first release named Flight Of The Nightingale. The Berlin based and Tel Aviv born artist has a special sound that makes every track a unique dancefloor pearl. Rough and pure Techno with outstanding ideas. Flight Of The Nightingale is minimal groove that screws up to a dancefloor filler when short and catchy string melodies lift the track to a higher level. Secret Relevations is rough and dirty like pure Techno from the early days, a masterpiece of 11 minutes build up starting with a dirty drumloop loop ending up in a track that leaves with a unexpected choir string melody in your mind for hours. Hollow Anxiety rounds it up to a perfect first release, the 3rd track is a hypnotic transition track which offers his force in the mix. Each track of Marion Cobretti´s first release is a secret weapon for different times on the dancefloor.

Supported by

Dingle  | UK

“great stuff”

Jack de Novo | Germany

“Very good stuff to play in a club after 2 clock! thx mate :-)”

Miguel Antonio | USA

“Not bad at all. Solid minimal release, but doesn’t really fit my sound. Good work though.”

Steve Sculpher | UK

“great work here each track has its own place in a big set as you can feel them building in atmosphere… all 3 tracks would rock any respectable underground club great work and thank you”

Matt Davies | UK

“Excellent for Groundworx and Innervisons …thank you”

Casnik | USA

“Flight Of The Nightingale: interesting new sound here | Secret Relevations: very good sounding techno | Hollow Anxienty: good production but slightly K-hole”

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