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Sven Brede – St. Barth

Released 09 Mai 2013

Sven Brede is a Berlin based Artist and debuts with a couple of hot new releases at Unvirtual-Music, but he is well experienced in releasing great tunes on labels such as Highgrade, MBF, Gastspiel or Kling Klong to name a few. His style is unique and the more often you listen to one of his tracks the more things are to discover. St. Barth and Jerika are cool deepgroove House tracks that just takes you to a whole other place …a must have for great spring and summer sets, don´t think just pick it up.

Supported by

Livio Sandro | Germany

“2 perfect tools for every set.
Will play St. Barth for sure.”

Budju | France

“Really good feeling on Jerika!”

d-phrag | Bulgaria

“loving both tracks!!!”

Topo | Romania

“nice track”

Mike S. | Germany

“Jetzt habe ich mich verliebt……in dieses Label. Ich liebe den Sound…wobei es bessere Releases hier gibt, aber eine 8 von 10 ist es auf jeden Fall….”

Leach | Belgium

“yes, like the feeling of Jerika will be played in a Leach & Lezizmo set!”

Ferry Corsten | Netherlands

“Thanks for sharing and please check my playlists”

Mr Romero | Argentinia

“phat for my radio show at delta FM”

Kostas White | Greece

“thanks wil play at Mykonos Island summer season sessions and frisky radio”

Peter Martin | USA

“nice groove and the drums sound really crisp, good energy and could fit into my early sets”

16 Bit Lolitas | Netherlands

“great release! Please check 16 Bit Lolitas frisky radio show playlists”

DJ Savage | USA

“Sweet juke! Perfect for those funky kids on the dance floor”

AudioKontrol | Turkey

“good house track.. thanks…”

Flash Brothers | Israel

“nice groove + sounds, will work for warmup.”

Chris.Z | Greece

“cool tracks loving both will play them a lot “

Sitchko Igor | Ukraine

“very nice!”

Pierre Ravan | UAE

“Nice deep tech hypnotic touch…will give it a try”

MBS+C3K | Belgium

“Great work and nice build up!”

Sasha Le Monnier | UK

“St Barth is quite nice, thanks”

Johan | Sweden

“Nice work. Enjoying the grooves in both tracks”

Ninohengst | Germany

“thanx 4 promo – will try in my sets”

Tim Rial | UK

“I’ll give em a bash cheers”

Ale Castro a.k.a Rhythm & Substance | Argentina

” cool & groovy tracks, both very good, mate”

Fernando Campo | Spain

“Thanks for the music, nice”

Heiko Wuscher (SONIC) | Germany

“Tipp für DCC”

Aaron Lee | USA

” Nice sound!”

Paul Lomax | Spain (Ibiza)

“Nice deep House Track – will play at Ibiza Beaches this sumer.
keep rocking PL”

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