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DEE-LA & FELUSCH – Three Points

Released 12 September 2012

They Did it again …it´s been a long time since the last DEE-LA & FELUSCH release and right about now for our catalog number 40 we did it again and bring you some deep Tech-House sounds with catchy hooks and stabs. The Original Mix builds up a solid hookline for peaktime plays without any vocals just upwarding music. For a bit more deeper placement or transitions you may use the Bring The Deep Back Mix which comes with a slightly placed vocal sample by DEE-LA and a vinyl touched intro and outro. Last but not least the release comes with a blasting Livio Sandro Remix who added a technohypnotichookline to his Remix and did it totaly different in his Paris-Berlin crossover style.

Supported by

Cristian Paduraru aka Dubacid | Romania

“Yes, vibrant support for the inspiring house music! Respect, Paduraru”

DJ Chris-B | France

” Duo reconstitued very very good i remember your first track i love it…
Continue this duo it’s cool”

Topo | Romania

” nice work”

Mike | Romania, Spain

” Nice track , thanks!”

Dirty Rhythm Syndicate | UK

“Loving all mixes and all very well produced but the ‘Bring the Deep Back Mix’ just pips it for me.”

d-phrag | Bulgaria

“Bring The Deep Back is quite a banger!!!”

Leach | Belgium

“yes, original mix is a great track!”

Frangellico | Argentina

“lovin it, will play at friscky and Insomnia FM”

Edge Howk | USA

” nice track cool bounce to it! Will play at Ensonic.FM and Voodoo Lounge”

Sasha Le Monnier | UK

” Original is nice and will work best for me, thank you for sending over!”

Mariano Favre | Argentina

” downloading, thanks good form y frisky show and dark pleasue”

Tony Riko | Russian Federation

” Support!!!!!!!! ….Very Good!!!!”

Peres | Poland

” exelent deep and so groovy …will play at Definition of Sound”

Silker | Turkey

” firstly thank you so much for this sound production you caught, how a creative mind …vocal is so appropriate. three different remixes ı could not decide to play in my live set. so beautiful sound.so successful. especially in this remix kicks are so hard even hardest ever listened, flying on the cloud. rhythm , tempo absolutely fantastic”

Placid | Germany

” big one, will rock!”

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