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Bodo Felusch – Weired People

Released 27 June 2012

Weired People is a massive peaktime track with banging drums, hypnotic backgrounds, purring woods and is perfectly spiced up with vocal and synth hooks in a solid arrangement. The Weired People (Original Mix) is not only a track, it is a weapon! It comes along with Remixes by Topo, Sterling and John Kat and Orquesm. The Topo Remix is deeper and perfect for buildups and transitions. Sterling Deep Drums Remix is a percussive dub version and the Sterling Sun Coast Remix adds some atmospheric chords and shuffles. John Kat Remix builds up with an oldschool Acid-House line. The Orquesm Dub is a perfect recombination of the original parts to a deep hypnotic hymn of its own.

Supported by

Tali Freaks | Italy

“feeling the summer vibe”

Markus Schulz | USA

“great release!”

Cristian Paduraru | Romania

“Yes, vibrant support for the inspiring house music! Respect, Paduraru aka Heathous from deejayfriendly”

Zoomtronic | France

“The original could kill the crowd! fantastic mix.. will play it for sure!”

D-Phrag | Bulgaria

“I like Orquesm approach”

Aural Frequency | Mexico

“Nice sound! Full support on http://innerspacesounds.blogspot.com and InsomniaFM.com”

Hernan Serrao | Argentina

“great work”

Taz Michail | USA


Josh Abrams | USA


Sasha Le Monnier | UK

“Orquesm remix is my fav here, nice groove and sinister feel”

Livio Sandro | France

“The Sterling Deep Drums Remix for me!”

Viesse | Italy

“super cool release, thanks”

“Nice vibe on Sterling Sun Coast Remix”

Miki the Dolphin | Italy

“Thank You 4 the promos”

Mon | Argentina

“Solid release, thanks!”

DP-6 | Russia

“Topo remix for me. Thanx”

Loquai | Germany

“Dark..like it. great work by Topo.”

Junduls | UK

“Cool tribal dj tool”

Tony Riko | Russian Federation

“Dinamic tracks!!!! ))) support”

Alin Prada | Romania

“Great EP and nice packā€¦full support!”

Gare Mat K | World

“Original is ace”


“Thanks, downloading!”

Aaron Lee | USA

“Solid track and great remixes!”

Thomas Create | Ukraine

“Sterling Sun Coast Remix BEST”

Silker | Turkey


Dakz | Germany


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