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Orquesm – Desintercrate

Released 25 April 2012

Here comes the second face of Orquesm. Deep Shit between Minimal and Techno. Desintercrate is forwarding tech without any cheesy sounds,  just good music. Stuip Trekker is a more minimal track with massive sounds and a fat bottom end. Orquesm is always between the styles but on the floor.

Supported by

Ben Walthew | UK

” Only had a quick listen but definitely going to play this in my next couple of sets”

DJ Chris-B | France

“Desintercrate rocks! “

Livio Sandro | Portugal, France

“Stuip Trekker for me.
Amazing track!”

Hernan Serrao | Argentina

“I love this!!!!”

Agrande | Germany

“Really miss those sounds in today’s releases. Driving and massive sounds. already checking every release by Orquesm. Love it!”

George G. | Greece


F-Act | Switzerland

“sounds nice!!! will try…. thanks”

D-Formation | Spain

“Very interesting stuff. Great job!”

Tali Freaks | Italy

“Grooving train”

Hernan Serrao | Argentina

“stupid trekker for me”

Jaime Le’ Mier | Mexico, USA

“I like both tracks. I will support your music in my live sets. I like the production. Thanks, Jaime Le’mier”

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