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Demo policy

We like:

  • your best tracks
  • good music that fits to our label
  • listening online with option to download
  • exclusive new music
  • exclusive demo spots
  • whole tracks
  • professional named files e.g.: “Your Artist Name – Your Track Name (Mix Name) – [Your E-Mail Adress]
  • good sound quality …We prefer a good unmastered mix more than a bad mastering
  • to know who you are
  • unknown talents

We don’t like:

  • mass emails with music that fits to the taste of 3% of the recievers
  • snippets that does not allow to check the arrangement
  • self hyped tracks that are on soundcloud or so for 6 month without buy option …decide what you want befor!
  • saying YES to your demo that you have signed to a better label in between
  • music files attached to e-mails

Don’t read!

“Overall …we will listen to your music very carefully and reply to 90% of all demos. The other 10% does not give a shit about the things we wrote above …it´s up to you! We prefer to sign mastered tracks ready to release. BUT If you are a talented new producer without experience in mastering, OK no problem We can do it for you BUT…please, please, please send us your music as unmastered original mix WITHOUT thouse “make it loud but kill everything” crap on your master bus” we can differ a good mix from a bad one. We love good music even if its not finalized, mastered and finished, but we hate a good one that was killed by incompetence …respect your music and let some peaks survive. We helped a lot of new producers to develop their production skills over the years.”

We are looking forward to listen to your best tracks that you may think will fit to our label.

Thank you for sending your music!

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